Introduction to WH Engineering

Our journey to ENERPAK Started from WH Air Solutions & WH Engineering

The Journey started in the April 2001. Wayne Xue remembers that he saw a large pile of snow at the corner of a parking lot when he arrived Toronto Canada in a morning of early April 2001. He kept on thinking “It must be cold here in Toronto; and people will need to stay warm in their comfortable homes”.
Wayne knows he would not be able to work as a building engineer right away despite that he had the engineering degree and lots of engineering working experiences. He started at the first step of the ladder _working as an apprentice for RWB Air System Ltd two weeks after his arrival in Canada.
After 6 years full time working for RWB along with receiving “P. Eng.” license and a few construction trade licenses; concerned about the indoor air quality & energy consumptionin the homes; he started his own small HVAC contracting company called “WH Air Solutions” by installing Heat Recovery Ventilators for homeowners in GTA in 2007.

Three years later, he founded “WH Mechanical Engineering Inc.” and operated the company by the trade name “WH Engineering” providing building engineering services to the public in Ontario since 2010.

ENERPAK Keeps Moving Forward
“Knowing how the buildings are consuming energy through many years of building engineering service practices”, “Seeing the tragedies unfolding” and “the world have been suffering from the climate changes year after year”, Wayne has been thinking hard for the solutions. Here we have, ENERPAK is another gift that Wayne presents to the world along with the Solar Charge Maximizing Controller & its System to fight against global warming.
Roof-mounted Air Furification Equipment
Presure Testing the Ductwork Leakage